Procedures for Proposing/Initiating Sponsored Projects Conducted Overseas

Background: Tulane University has a long history of conducting educational and research activities overseas. It has also been the recipient of funding from the U.S. government and the private sector in support of these activities. Given the increasing number and complexities of overseas projects Tulane has been evaluating internal processes and structures that support these activities with the goals of:

  • Ensuring compliance with the laws of the United States and the countries where Tulane is operating.
  • Safeguarding Tulane employees who are living and working abroad.
  • Streamlining business practices to expedite Tulane’s ability to conduct business abroad, especially in the areas of banking, purchasing, hiring of in-country personnel, facilities rental, etc.

To meet these goals, Tulane has established a wholly-owned subsidiary, organized as a limited liability company (LLC) under the laws of Delaware, to act as a flexible vehicle for the conduct of international projects. The name of the subsidiary is Tulane International LLC. Depending on the requirements and scope of the project, Tulane will have the ability to use Tulane International LLC to purchase a variety of services needed to implement and administer international projects. Purchased services may include: employing local administrative and lesser project staff, managing local financial operations, including establishing bank accounts, and obtaining local supplies and basic services. In this scenario, Tulane University will continue to be the prime recipient of funds for international projects. In addition Tulane University will continue to employ and pay project principal investigators and other key personnel, and it will maintain programmatic, administrative and intellectual responsibilities over the project.

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