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Sponsored Projects Administration

Video and PowerPoint Slides from the August 17th, 2021 Faculty Orientation

COVID-19 Pandemic

Sponsored Projects Administration is fully functional and operating at normal capacity even though the University has suspended on-site operations for purposes of decreasing COVID-19 transmission.

Information and Resources for Researchers:

Funding opportunities related to COVID-19:




Sponsor Guidance for federal applicants and grantees:


Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) provides both pre and post award services to the Tulane University research community. SPA maintains listservs through which it targets Tulane faculty working in broad disciplinary areas for upcoming funding opportunities and internal competitions. At the proposal stage SPA staff work with faculty and departmental administrators to assist with budget development, interpret sponsor guidelines, file required compliance documents and provide authorized institutional approvals through signatures or the electronic proposal submission process.

SPA also reviews all awards made to Tulane University and if necessary, engages in fiscal and business negotiations with sponsors to ensure compliance with university policies and federal regulations. SPA staff are authorized to execute research agreements (i.e. contracts, subcontracts, cooperative agreements, clinical trial agreements, etc.) and issue all required subagreements to collaborating institutions when required. Additionally, certain administrative and fiscal compliance requirements associated with the post-award and close-out phases of sponsored projects are administrated by this office.