Office of Research New Faculty Orientation will take place on Friday, September 6, 2024 from 8:00am to 11:00am in Diboll Gallery and Auditorium, 1440 Canal Street, Tidewater Bldg. Click here for the New Faculty Orientation website.

Director, Department of Comparative Medicine
(504) 988-5211

Director, Human Research Protection Office and Program
(504) 988-2665

Director, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
(504) 988-6868

Executive Director, Office of Intellectual Property Management
​​​​​​​(504) 988-6962

Associate Vice President, Research Administration

Director, University Research Compliance Office
(504) 988-1147

Director, Office of Research Proposal Development
(504) 988-3290

Director, Sponsored Projects Administration
(504) 988-5207

Executive Director of Biosafety, Biocontainment, and Quality Assurance
(985) 871-6511

Executive Assistant
(504) 988-3291

Shantell Curtis, MBA

Director of Finance and Operations
(504) 988-5403

Assistant Vice President for Research
(504) 988-7947