Cayuse Grants Management

The Cayuse Sponsored Projects (SP) module is for internal routing of all research proposals. As with other Tulane systems, log-in is through our Tulane single sign-on. This system replaces our previous pdf-based routing process and provides significant additional benefits such as automating notifications, improving our system of record and tracking, and eliminating manual entry of thousands of points of data each year. Please note that this change affects only internal routing; it does not change how we submit proposals to funding organizations; submissions should be done as usual.


  • IT support: If you or your colleagues encounter any errors or issues accessing Cayuse, contact the IT support team here.

Online User’s Guide and Training

The Grants Lifecycle Management (GLM) project team offers the following resources:

Seeking general information about the Grants Lifecycle Management (GLM) project?

  • Please see the Grants Lifecycle Management website for information and the latest news about the project and the Cayuse modules, links for training and support, FAQs, and more.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Grants Lifecycle Management project, please email the project team at