Biosafety Cabinets

Biological Safety Cabinet Certification and Maintenance Program at Tulane University

The Office of Biosafety keeps an inventory of all biological safety cabinets located on Tulane’s campuses and monitors their certification and working status.

New Cabinets and Initial Certification

All new BSC purchases must be approved by the Office of Biosafety. A biosafety officer will review the use and placement of the BSC in the lab prior to approval of a requisition from Materials Management. Labs should consult with the Biosafety Office prior to submitting a purchase request to avoid delays if issues are found with the chosen model and the space.

Initial certification must be coordinated through the Office of Biosafety. If a supplier offers initial certification as part of a package, the Office of Biosafety must be notified by the lab/department and included in the scheduling. All certification records are to be kept by the Office of Biosafety.

Annual Certifications

The Office of Biosafety coordinates mandatory annual certifications which are scheduled and paid for by the Office of Biosafety to ensure the laboratories have functional, safely working cabinets. The Office of Biosafety will notify the laboratory or responsible department of the schedule.

Repairs / Relocations / Disposals

You must notify the Office of Biosafety of the need for any disposal, movement, or repairs to any biosafety cabinets. Do not contact the vendor on the last certification sticker.

The Office of Biosafety will coordinate decontaminations, repairs and/or services when needed between a NSF accredited contractor and the responsible laboratory or department. Individual laboratories and departments are financially responsible for any maintenance/repairs and re-certifications to their biosafety cabinets.


Email for more information.
Biosafety contact for BSC service and questions – 985-871-4848