Research Compliance Contact Information

Research Compliance Hotline: (504) 988-1147

Comments, concerns, requests, and reports regarding suspected compliance issues, including research misconduct, may be made by contacting the Research Compliance Office (RCO) at (504) 988-1147 or via e-mail at This phone number and e-mail are answered only by RCO personnel. When personnel are not available, calls are forwarded to a confidential voice mailbox maintained by the RCO. Anyone reporting concerns via the phone or e-mail have the right to remain anonymous.  To the extent possible within the limitations of law and regulation, all information will be treated and maintained as confidential.  Any individual may make a complaint in good faith without the fear of reprisal.

Tulane University Fraud and Compliance Hotline

Complaints, concerns, or comments regarding fraud, compliance, and ethics issues, including research misconduct and research integrity concerns, can be submitted anonymously by calling 1-855-546-9283 or visiting (access I.D. is "TUL").