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Research Compliance Policies & Procedures

Research Misconduct Policies and Procedures

Foreign Gift and Contract Reporting Policy - Effective July 1st, 2023, Tulane University has implemented a new Foreign Gift and Contract Reporting process to track certain non-U.S. source gifts and contracts per Tulane policy. All gifts and contracts received by Tulane from foreign sources with an individual or aggregate value of more than USD $50,000 must be reported via the process detailed in the policy within 10 days of receipt. Please see the linked policy for more information on how to report.

Authorship on Scientific and Scholarly Publications Policy

Retention of Research Data

Research Compliance Export Control 2021 

Research Compliance Program

Foreign Influence Guidance for Researchers

FBI Counterintelligence Bulletin 20200902 re. Foreign Influence

Deemed Export Attestation Checklist

Freedom of Information Act Requests Regarding Research Activities at Tulane University

Reporting Animal Concerns

NIH Public Access