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IRB Fees


The current Tulane University Human Research Protection Office’s (HRPO) fee structure for Industry Sponsored submissions is effective on November 1, 2021. Industry Sponsored studies submitted prior to November 1, 2021 should follow the fee structure in effect at the time of the Initial study submission. All Industry Sponsored applications submitted on or after November 1, 2021 must follow the fee structure outlined below. The HRPO charges an administrative fee for IRB review of all Industry Sponsored human subjects research projects. Fees are due in full at the time of submission and are assessments of real costs associated with the IRB’s protocol reviews. These fees are non-refundable, regardless of whether the study is: assigned for IRB review; approved; withdrawn after submission to the HRPO; terminated before study milestones are met; has or has not enrolled participants, and/or has a finalized research contract. Investigators are reminded to account for IRB fees during budget negotiations with industry sponsors.

The July 2018 IRB Fee schedule can be located HERE.

Interdepartmental Transfer (IT) Forms:

The IRB fees must be paid to the office using the Oracle Access Manager via the TAMS E-IT Access Portal. The “Description” field must include the IRB Study Number, Principal Investigator’s Name, and IRB Study Title.

Convened Review Fees:

Initial Review Continuing Review Revisions initiated by the Sponsor PI Changes
$3250 $1600 $1000 $500

Expedited Review Fees:

Initial Review Continuing Review Revisions initiated by the Sponsor PI Changes
$3000 $1600 $1000 $500

Exempt Review Fees:

Initial Review Revisions initiated by the Sponsor PI Changes
$1000 $350 $150

Facilitated Review Fees:

Initial Review Continuing Review Revisions initiated by the Sponsor PI Changes
$3000 $1250 $1000 $500

Study Closure Fee:



1. Each additional study site for which the Tulane IRB exercises oversight will incur an additional fee of $500 for Initial Review, $350 for Continuing Review, and $275 for Revisions Initiated by the Sponsor.

2. Facilitated Review fee applies to industry sponsored studies where the Tulane University IRB is not the IRB of record, but retains responsibility for local conduct and compliance oversight of the study.  

3. There are no IRB review fees for submissions sponsored by private or federal granting agencies or for non-industry sponsored Tulane investigator initiated submissions.

4. There are no charges for the execution of IRB Authorization Agreements, Event Reports, non-PI Personnel Changes, and Correspondence submissions.


Natural code 8871 should be used when processing IRB fees for accounting purposes; it should be recorded using the Recharge and Recovery natural accounts. Please do not submit an IT using the previous codes of 6716 or 8811, as the IT will be returned and potentially delay your IRB submission.


Please contact the HRPO office at 504-988-2665 or irbmain@tulane.edu if you have any questions that may not be addressed above.