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Silk Microspheres and Methods for Surface Lubrication


Tulane University is actively seeking commercial entities to further develop and commercialize novel surface lubrication compounds.


Current lubricants used in arthritis treatment often degrade under inflammatory conditions. A clinically viable and effective formulation for the treatment of joint disorders such as osteoarthritis is needed. While phospholipids, alone, are ineffective in clinical use, silky microsphere partly comprised of phospholipids may be used to lower the friction coefficient, minimize surface wear, and avoid degradation, even under strenuous conditions. Silky microspheres can be used with biological and non-biological surfaces, such as between two surfaces of a machine or device.

Current Work

This product has been tested in the lab, and continued work on silk biomaterials continues in Dr. Kaplan's lab.


David Kaplan, PhD
Xiaoquin Wang, PhD
Rubo Zheng, PhD

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