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Oil Emulsification and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Adsorption Using Fine Particles as Dispersants


Tulane University is actively seeking commercial entities to further develop and commercialize novel surface emulsions.


Current methods of cleaning up oil spill rely on traditional mechanical means (i.e. a skimmer) and more recent chemical and biological compounds. Mechanical means are limited in use in that they are most effective in calm waters. Bioremediationis often employed after mechanical means instead of as a substitute and represents a lengthy process. Dispersing agents, while effective, may prematurely release surfactants, endanger the environment due to toxicity, and/or destabilize the emulsion.

The use of fine particles as dispersants eliminates the issues associated with current methods of oil-spill remediation by emulsifying and stabilizing oil long enough for bacteria to “consume” it. The present invention comprising fine particles can be used in all aqueous environments and can be used in conjunction with surfactant-based dispersants.


Arijit Bose, PhD
Ani Nikova, PhD

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