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Methods for Synthesizing Glycinols, Glyceollins I and II, Compositions of Selected Intermediates, And Uses Directed Toward Therapeutic Applications


Tulane University is actively seeking companies interested in commercializing distinct methods for preparing a mixture of GLY I plus GLY II, pure GLY I, pure GLY II, and prepare stereochemical racemates and non-natural enantiomers of the above mentioned compounds


Compounds that are prepared using these methods are shown to be useful in the prevention or treatment of certain cancers, selection of estrogen receptor modulators (SERMS) for the treatment of various menopausal related conditions. This technology allows for the preparation of an individual or predetermined range of combined GLY compounds to be used in various single-component and specific combination-component product formulations. These single- and combined- components can be used as ingredients in regular foods, medical foods, or dietary supplement-related products.

Current Work

These methods have been used in in vivo rodent models showing promise of the prepared materials as either anticancer agents or as selective estrogen receptor modulators(SERMs).


Rahul S. Khupse, PhD
Jeffrey G. Sarver, PhD
Thomas E. Cleveland, PhD
Stephen M. Boule, PhD

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