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Novel Anthranilic Amides for Cancer Treatment



Tulane University is actively seeking commercial entities to further develop and commercialize novel anthranilic amides and derivatives for the purpose of cancer treatment and studies in oncology and cell biology.


Novel anthranilic amides may be used to treat cancer, including solid tumors. Anthranilic amides may be also used to optimize current cancer treatment by rendering cancer cells more sensitive to oxidative stress. Disclosed methods and anthranilic amides may slow or prevent cancer metastasis by inhibiting the conversion of cancer cells to aggressive and invasive phenotypes. May be used alone or in combination with current cancer treatments, including chemotherapeutics. May be used prophylactically to prevent metastasis or therapeutically to slow metastasis. Widely applicable - targets of the novel amides are overexpressed in 50% of tumors and cancers, including triple negative breast cancer.

Current Work

Technology has been tested extensively in the lab and in mice with success using various tumor sizes and treatment times.