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Integrated Microelectrodes and Methods for In Vitro Measurements


Tulane University is actively seeking commercial entities to further develop and commercialize a novel integrated microelectrode platform to stimulate and record electrophysiological data from a culture.


Microphysical systems are considered to be a promising alternative to animal testing that may provide faster, less expensive, more relevant, and more predictive data in preparation for clinical trials. Current in vitro methods, however, do not accurately represent in vivo conditions or lack actual morphology. Additionally, current microelectrode arrays are almost always fabricated on glass or silicon substrates in pre-determined patterns of electrodes and are not suitable for use in 3D systems. The novel integrated microelectrode platform consists of a dual hydrogel model can support robust 3D neural growth that resembles in vivo nervous tissue. Neurite constructs are able to grow on custom inserts and multielectrode arrays. Our electrodes can be fabricated directly onto standard cell culture substrates in user-defined patterns that are easily incorporated into 3D micro-physiological systems. To navigate around the issues present in using field potential recordings or optogenetics to conduct electrophysiological analysis, the platform includes custom inserts and multielectrode arrays (MEAs), on which neurite constructs were formed and grown, and a custom rig to allow for rapidly interfacing the MEAs with electrophysiological test equipment. The device provides rapid and automated use of a dual hydrogel model to perform large-scale pharmaceutical or pathological work.


Clayton Ford
Xin Kai Yang
Mohamed Aly Saad Aly, PhD

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