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Daidzein analogs for the treatment and prevention of cancer


Tulane University is actively seeking commercial entities to further develop and commercialize daidzein analogs to treat or prevent cancer and tumor growth.


Daidzein analogs may be used as a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) therapeutic for estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. Analogs may be used as a novel anti-metastatic therapeutic in triple negative breast carcinoma. Daidzein analogs do not increase the risk of uterine cancer or blood clots unlike Tamoxifen, a common SERM on the market. Analogs are suitable for oral administration in solid or liquid form and may also be delivered via parenteral administration. Daidzein analogs have applicability to a range of cancer types, particularly to hormone-responsive cancers.

Current Work

This technology has been tested extensively in the lab and in mice with success using various tumor types and treatment modalities.

Available For

Exclusive License in a Field
Non-exclusive License
Scientific Collaboration

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