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Tulane Research, Innovation, and Creativity Summit

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Tulane Research, Innovation, and Creativity Summit


Wednesday–Thursday, March 1–2, 2023
Jung Hotel Grand Hall
1500 Canal Street




Gerber Awards in the Department of Pathology, School of Medicine

Post-Docs and PhD students
Author: Ma Wenbo
Title: Methyltransferase-like protein 3 (METTL3) promotes cholangiocarcinoma development and progression: Evidence for involvement of H

Masters Students
Author: Nickol Wahby
Title: Role of DEK in chronic liver disease development


Author: Maria Santos, Doctoral Student, Epidemiology, School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine
Title: Age at Menarche, Type 2 Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease Complications in U.S. Women Under 65 Years; NHANES 1999-2018

Tulane National Primate Research Center Awards

Postdoctoral Student Award
Author: Michelle Galeas-Pena
Title: T-vant, a novel outer membrane vesicle adjuvant, improves vaccine protection against B. pertussis in the respiratory tract

Doctoral Student Award
Author: Allyson Hirsch
Title: Evaluation of a mucosal SARS-COV-2 recombinant spike subunit vaccine

School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine

Dean of the School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine Award for Excellence in Research and Presentation by SPHTM Doctoral Student
Author: Maria Santos, Department of Epidemiology
Title: Age at Menarche, Type 2 Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease Complications in U.S. Women Under 65 Years; NHANES 1999-2018

Dean of the School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine Award for Excellence in Research and Presentation by SPHTM Masters Student
Author: Yizhuo Liu, Department of Biostatistics
Title: Genome-wide gene-hypertension interaction analyses on kidney function: Finding from the CRIC study

School of Science & Engineering

Awarded by session (four sessions)

Graduate Student 1st Prize Awardees
Author: Shreya Bavishi, Cell & Molecular Biology
Title: Developing targeted therapeutic strategies in Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia

Author: Borui Wang, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Title: Development of double-functionalized halloysite nanotubes with improved adsorption capacity for carbon capture 

Author: Adella Guidroz, Cell & Molecular Biology
Title: Developing and characterizing a new HHT mouse model

Author: Katelynn Montgomery, Biomedical Engineering/Bioinnovation
Title: Characterization of extracellular vesicles from human amniotic fluid and amniotic membrane cells

Graduate Student 2nd Prize Awardees
Author: Wu Tianhao, Cell & Molecular Biology
Title: Disruption of signaling transmission caused by SK channels dysfunction in the auditory synapse of fragile X mice

Author: Tianyi Xiao, Cell & Molecular Biology
Title: Changes in properties of central auditory synapses following conductive hearing loss

Author: Rahul Kumar, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Title: Computational studies of the order-disorder transition in block-random copolymers

Author: Yinga Wu, CMB
Title: Origins of myofibroblasts and functional analysis of miR-24 in subretinal fibrosis

Graduate Student 3rd Prize Awardees
Author: Jill Syrotchen, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Title: Local adaptation in leaf shape plasticity along an elevational cline in Mimulus laciniatus

Author: Garrett Bartoletti, Cell & Molecular Biology
Title: Identifying a novel mechanism of lambdoid synostosis caused by dysregulated PDGFRA activity

Author: Atahar Rabby, Chemistry
Title: Convenient low-temperature solution phase synthesis of chevrel phase cluster complex

Author: Oluwole Ajumobi, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Title: Conceptual design of nano-straws in spherical porous particles for improved adsorption capacity for carbon capture

Undergraduate Student 1st Prize Awardees
Author: Isabella Brockway, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineer
Title: Creating optimal liposomes for the delivery of anionic particles

Author: Courtney Hospes, Neuroscience
Title: Effects of normal aging on proteins of the cortical inhibitory synaptosome

Author: William Bai, Cell & Molecular Biology
Title: Evaluating biomarker candidates of vaccine efficacy for the mucosal adjuvant dmLT

Author: Gabby Levine, Psychology
Title: Two roots to grow child social interaction: Child emotion recognition skills and maternal social support

Undergraduate Student 2nd Prize Awardees
Author: Sydney Rein, LSU Health Sciences Center, Cell biology & Anatomy
Title: Effects of adolescent alcohol exposure and adult stress on BNST cellular activation

Author: Anna Wood, Psychology
Title: Biased attention orienting to the self-face during an attention capture task

Author: Mary Lorino, Neuroscience
Title: Using a behavioral paradigm to assess the role of Zmiz1 in autism spectrum disorder

Author: Rachel Lane, Psychology
Title: The impact of conversations in social networks on willingness to engage in intergroup interactions

Undergraduate Student 3rd Prize Awardees
Author: Kaitlin Fahlgren, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Title: Prevalence and distribution of Arsenophonus and other dominant endosymbionts within the American Dog Tick, Demacentor variabili

Author: Anna Nussbaum, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Title: Analysis of post-reaction product from catalytic degradation of low-density polyethylene

Author: Blaine Martin, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Title: Effect of rooting substrate and spatial distance on liana endophyte communities

New Orleans Community Impact Awardees
Author: Qiang Sun, River-Coastal Science & Engineering
Title: Contributions of sea level components to high tide flooding along the continental U.S. coastlines

Author: Swathi Katakam, Biomedical Engineering
Title: Improved photoacoustic signal stability in melanin phantom using NIR-II wavelengths

Program of Events


9:00am–11:00am  Poster Session A
     Jung Hotel, Grand Hall, 2nd Floor

11:00am–12:00pm  Exploring Two Cases in Community-Engaged Graduate Student Scholarship - Panel Discussion
     In Person:  Jung Hotel, Tulane Room, 2nd Floor
     Panelists - Ryan McBride, PhD, Director, Mellon Graduate Program in Community-Engaged Scholarship, Tulane
     University Center for Public Service, Miriam Taylor and Jarrod Wall, PhD students, Tulane University City, Culture &
     University Center for Public Service, Thad Tatum, Lead Facilitator, Formerly Incarcerated Peer Support Group,
     Ernest Johnson, Director, Ubuntu Village
     Tulane Center for Public Service

12:00pm–1:00pm  Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health (BIRCWH) Lecture
     Estrogens, Memory, and the Aging Brain
     1st Floor, Tidewater Bldg., 1440 Canal St., Diboll Auditorium
     Jill Daniel, PhD, Gary P. Dohanich Professor in Brain Science, Dept of Psychology, School of Science & Engineering,
     and Founding Director, Tulane Brain Institute

1:30pm–4:30pm  Tulane Law School
     Uptown In Person:  Tulane Law School, Weinmann Hall, Multi Purpose Room
     Downtown Zoom Viewing Room: Jung Hotel, Claiborne Room, 2nd Floor
     1:30pm - Robert Force, Niels F. Johnsen Chair of Maritime Law – Arbitration of Seamen’s claims
     2:00pm - Laila Hlass, Clinical Professor of Law & Co-Director of the Immigrant Rights Clinic – The Double Exclusion of
     Immigrant Youth 
     2:30pm - Sally Richardson, A.D. Freeman Professor of Civil Law – Creating Default Management Rules for Tenants in
     Common:  A New Uniform Law Commission Project 
     3:00pm - Maybell Romero, Felder-Fayard Associate Professor of Law – Shame and the Law of Sexual Assault
     3:30pm - Mary Yanik, Clinical Associate Professor of Law – Protections from Deportation for Immigrant Workers in Labor
     4:00pm - Brian Frye, Visiting Professor of Law – How to Do Things With NFTs. The art market has always been a
     securities market, we just couldn’t see it. But NFTs have shown us the way. The future of culture is the securitization
     of clout and NFTs will make it possible.

2:00pm–4:00pm  Poster Session B
     Jung Hotel, Grand Hall, 2nd Floor

4:00pm–5:00pm  Rudolph Matas Library of the Health Sciences
    Jung Hotel, Tulane Room, 2nd Floor
    Gregory Seymour, Customer Consultant, ELSEVIER
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    and tools to deliver best-in-class research experiences and fuel your institutions' research strategy and performance.


9:00am–11:00am  Poster Session C
     Jung Hotel, Grand Hall, 2nd Floor

9:30am–11:30am   Tulane Law School
     Uptown In Person:  Tulane Law School, Weinmann Hall, Multi Purpose Room
     Downtown Zoom Viewing Room: Jung Hotel, Claiborne Room, 2nd Floor
     9:30am - Saru Matambanadzo, Moise S. Steeg Jr. Associate Professor of Law – Racial Capitalism, Gender, and 
     10:00am - Stacy Seicshnaydre, William K. Christovich Professor of Law and Robert A. Ainsworth Professor in the Courts
     and the Federal System, Camille Ciolino, Tulane Law student, & Grace Landry, Tulane Law student – Fair Housing Law
     and Criminal Records Barriers
     10:30am - Kesana Durand, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Becki Kondkar, Clinical Professor of Law, Carlotta Lepingwell,
     Clinical Assistant Professor of Law, & Stanislav Moroz, Clinical Assistant Professor of Law – Tulane Law School's
Women's Prison Project and the movement to decarcerate criminalized survivors of intimate partner violence in
     11:00am - Martin Davies, Admiralty Law Institute Professor of Maritime Law – Shipping Industry Carbon Emission

11:00am–12:00pm  Reception for Distinguished Lecture Diboll Gallery

12:00pm–1:00pm  Vice President for Research Distinguished Lecture - Emerging Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: NOLA's 
    Opportunity, A Perspective
    1st Floor, Tidewater Bldg., 1440 Canal St., Diboll Auditorium
    Kimberly Gramm, MBA, PhDc, David and Marion Mussafer Chief Innovation and Entrepreneurship Officer,
    Tulane University Innovation Institute

1:00pm–2:00pm  Reception for Distinguished Lecture Diboll Gallery

1:00pm–2:00pm  Broader Impacts 101: An introduction to the requirements and goals of the
    NSF Broader Impacts criterion lecture
    Downtown In Person: Jung Hotel, Tulane Room, 2nd Floor
    Carter A. Lea, PhD, Research Proposal Development Officer,
    Office of Research Proposal Development

1:30pm–4:00pm  Tulane Law School
     Uptown In Person:  Tulane Law School, Weinmann Hall, Multi Purpose Room
     Downtown Zoom Viewing Room: Jung Hotel, Claiborne Room, 2nd Floor
     1:30pm - Lucia Blacksher Ranier, Professor of the Practice & Samuel Brandao, Clinical Assistant Professor of Law –
     When Schools Call the Police on Kids with Disabilities. A review of Ashley Hutchinson-Harper et al. v. Jefferson Parish
     School Board et al, pending in the Eastern District of Louisiana
     2:00pm - David Katner, Professor of Clinical Law and Felix J. Dreyfous Teaching Fellow in Juvenile Law – Juvenile
     Competency Complications: Protocol, Unmet Needs, Developmental Immaturity, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, and
     2:30pm - Elizabeth Townsend Gard, John E. Koerner Endowed Professor of Law – The State of Play in Copyright's Fair
     Use Doctrine
3:00pm - Lauren Godshall, Clinical Assistant Professor of Law & Devin Lowell, Clinical Assistant Professor of Law –
     Environmental Justice Strategies in Louisiana. Lawyers from the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic will highlight some
     recent methods used in the clinic's representation of environmental justice communities throughout Louisiana.

2:00pm–4:00pm  Poster Session D
     Jung Hotel, Grand Hall, 2nd Floor

3:30pm–5:00pm  A.B. Freeman School of Business - Entrepreneurship & Innovation
    Uptown In Person:  Goldring/Woldenberg Business Complex, Bright Lecture Theater - Room 470
    Downtown Zoom Viewing Room: Jung Hotel, Tulane Room, 2nd Floor
    Claire Senot, PhD, Associate Professor, Management Science - Innovation in Health Care Delivery
    Oleg Gredil, PhD, Associate Professor, Finance - What Does Financing of Entrepreneurship Entail for Capital

4:00pm–5:00pm  Louisiana’s Higher Education Foreign Security Act of 2022 - Lecture
     In Person:  1440 Canal St., Tidewater Bldg, Suite 949
     Christopher Dressler, MS, Export Control Compliance Officer,
     Office of Research Compliance

Questions? Contact trics@tulane.edu