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Compositions and Methods to Treat Cancer and Prevent Metastasis


Tulane University is actively seeking commercial entities to further develop and commercialize compositions to treat cancer, prevent tumor metastasis, and suppress tumor growth in humans and animals


Applications The compositions may be used to treat various forms of cancer, particularly those involving solid tumors, such as breast cancers and glioblastomas. The compositions may be used alone or in combination with other cancer therapies. The compositions include silencing RNA delivered in multiple ways, such as by viral expression vectors, mesenchymal stem cells, microspheres, and antibody-linked conjugates. Targeted therapy inhibits cancer cells while avoiding effects on non-tumor cells. Delivery methods may be selected based on the type of cancer and location of the tumor. Compositions show efficacy against glioblastoma, which currently does not have effective treatment and has a five-year survival rate below 5%.

Current Work

This technology has been tested extensively in the lab and in mice with success against breast cancer and glioblastoma.

Intellectual Property

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