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Examples of Reportable Situations as Defined by the Office of Laboratory Welfare (OLAW)

  • Procedures on animals deviate from those described in the protocol (note: to make changes to your protocol, you must submit an amendment form).
  • Conduct of animal-related activities without appropriate IACUC review and approval
  • Protocol approval lapses (note: you will receive monthly reminders from the IACUC beginning 120 days before protocol expiration). Every year you will be required to submit an Annual Review Form and every 3 years, a new protocol submission is needed.
  • Personnel begin working with animals prior to completing required training, or have not been added to a protocol. You can add personnel to your protocol via the Personnel Addition Form (PAF).
  • Animals are taken from housing areas to use sites that are not listed in the protocol.
  • Animals are maintained in a use area > 12 hours without approval from the IACUC or without following the correct procedures.
  • Conditions that jeopardize the health or well-being of animals, including natural disasters, accidents, and mechanical failures, resulting in actual harm or death to animals