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Proofreading & Editing Services

The Office of Research is pleased to offer editorial and proofreading services for manuscripts and grant proposals, at no charge. This service is offered to faculty on a case-by-case basis, and priority will be given to manuscripts or proposals nearly ready for submission, but which would benefit from editing for English grammar, clarity, or length/word count.

The service is provided by Loula Burton, Senior Program Coordinator in the Office of Research, who worked previously on the editorial staff of a scientific journal.  Please note that her expertise does not include full scientific writing or editing.  Manuscripts and proposals will not be evaluated for methodology, scientific reasoning, or budget.  We will seek to repair typographical, spelling and grammatical errors, and to improve the clarity of language so that your arguments are clear, concise and accessible to readers or reviewers with a general knowledge of relevant literature.

To apply for this service, please complete this PDF form and send it by email to along with a Word file of your document. We will respond to all inquiries by email as soon as possible.