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Office of Research Organizational Chart



John Christie

John Christie

Executive Director, Office of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Development

(504) 988-6962

John is responsible for the overall management, supervision, and planning of activities within the office, including the patenting, marketing and licensing of all university technology. John oversees the development and implementation of programs to create a comprehensive inventory of Tulane's intellectual property, identify promising technological developments, and foster industry-sponsored research liaisons.


Georgina Dobek

Georgina Dobek

Director, Department of Comparative Medicine

(504) 988-5211

Georgina oversees the laboratory animal care facilities on the uptown and downtown campuses, and serves as the Attending Veterinarian for the Tulane University IACUC. She is responsible for veterinary and technical support of the research activities at Tulane University and institutional compliance with animal welfare regulations, standards, and policies.


Sheila Garrison

Director, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

(504) 988-6868

Sheila Garrison serves as the Director for the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) office which provides support for the New Orleans Campuses and Tulane National Primate Research Center IACUCs and research community. She works with IACUC members to execute the committees’ mission, which is to ensure the humane care and use of animals in research in a manner compliant with government guidelines and regulations. Sheila ensures that committee members and IACUC office staff work together to provide assistance to investigators with the submission, planning and conducting of animal protocols in accordance with the highest scientific, humane and ethical principles.


Roxanne R. Johnson, MSPH, CHRC

Director, Human Research Protection Office and Program

(504) 988-2665

Roxanne oversees the Human Research Protection Program, which is charged with protecting the rights and welfare of human research participants. Her office, the Human Research Protection Office (HRPO), works with the Institutional Review Boards (IRB) to assure that Tulane University is compliant with its efforts to protect the safety and well-being of human research participants in accordance with federal guidelines, regulations, and institutional policies. She ensures that all research activities are compliant with acceptable standards and responsive to good research practices.


Kathleen Kozar

Director, Sponsored Projects Administration

(504) 988-5207

Kathy assists faculty in identifying sponsors for research support, provides advice on proposal development, assists in preparing proposal budgets, serves as the Authorized Organizational Representative for both paper and electronic proposal submissions, and develops and implements policies involving the financial and administrative aspects of sponsored projects.


Anne-Marie Job

Director, Office for Research Proposal Development

(504) 988-3290



Angela Birnbaum 

Director, Office of Biosafety 

Director of Containment Operations for the Tulane National Primate Research Center Regional Biocontainment 

Lab Director of Quality Assurance, Tulane National Primate Research Center 

(504) 988-0300 
(985) 871-6511 

Angie works together with the Institutional Biosafety Committee to ensure the safety of personnel and facilities engaged in research involving biological materials at Tulane University. The objective of the Office of Biosafety is to minimize the health risk to those involved in research utilizing recombinant DNA, infectious agents, and biological toxins, and in turn to protect the greater Tulane University community, the general public, and the environment.


Brian J. Weimer

Brian J. Weimer, JD

Director, University Research Compliance Office

(504) 988-1147

As the University Research Compliance Officer (RCO), Brian and the RCO team members assist researchers and university review committees in ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, university policies, and accreditation standards that are applicable to research activities, including:

1. Research integrity/research misconduct,
2. Responsible conduct of research (RCR) training,
3. Human subjects research,
4. Animal welfare,
5. Biological safety,
6. Pre-award grants administration,
7. Export controls,
8. Responding to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests,
9. www.ClinicalTrials.gov, and
10. Controlled substances used in research.

Additionally, Brian holds a faculty appointment in the Tulane University School of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine.


Gail Louis

Gail Louis

Assistant Vice President for Research

(504) 988-7947

Gail Louis serves as Assistant Vice President for Research, with more than 20 years of experience as an investigator and research administrator at Tulane. Gail provides planning and support for a wide variety of projects, and administrative support for the Health Sciences Leadership Council and the Tulane Research Council. She is an alternate for the Research Compliance Office for the Biomedical Institutional Review Board (IRB), the Social Behavioral IRB, and a representative of the Office of Research on the research compliance and research integrity teams. Gail represents the office at appropriate meetings and conferences within and outside Tulane. She provides support for internal funding competitions and other activities related to faculty development. Gail also works with the Vice President of Research to prepare grant proposals, white papers, and other reports developed by the office.


Melissa Bender

Executive Assistant

(504) 988-3291



Alan Clerk

Senior Department Administrator II 

(504) 988-5403



Tim Trepagnier

Tim Trepagnier

Video Operations Coordinator 

(504) 988-3552

Tim Trepagnier provides administrative support for audiovisual hardware and software for research-related activities.Audiovisual services are offered at no charge on a first-come first-served basis and include videoconferencing, teleconferencing, and webinars for research investigators.Tim also schedules several meeting rooms in the J. Bennett Johnston (JBJ) building on the Downtown Campus, including the Multi-Media Resource Room (Room 504 – with space for up to 40 participants), a smaller room for videoconferencing (Room 574 – with space for up to 10 participants), as well as the TU Conference Room (Room 111A) and the adjacent Atrium, on the first floor of the JBJ.