Faculty FAQs

I just invented something. What’s next?

See “Invention Disclosure” and submit an Invention Disclosure Form.

How do I connect with industry?

The best way to connect with industry is through networking! Please contact OIPM@tulane.edu for more information about conferences, events, and partnership opportunities.

There are also a number of incubators and entrepreneurial spaces in the New Orleans area, such as:

If you are interested in connecting with healthcare or biomedical technology companies, then please contact James Zanewicz, Chief Business Officer at the Office of Research Business Development at http://engage.tulane.edu/

What is the benefit of disclosing?

Because many inventions in academia are in their early stages of development, intellectual property protection is often required as an incentive for investors to fund the development of the invention. In fact, inventions resulting from federally funded research must be disclosed under federal law. See the Bayh Dole Act at 37 C.F.R. 401 et seq.. Additionally, each employee of Tulane is compensated for their inventive contribution through royalty sharing.

I received a Confidentiality (or Non-Disclosure) Agreement

A Confidentiality (or Non-Disclosure) Agreement is a legal contract between parties that limits the use or disclosure of certain information provided by one or both parties to the other party. Do not sign Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreements! 

Industry people have contacted me. What do I do now?
  1. Are they interested in funding your research? If so, then please contact the Sponsored Projects Administration at 504-865-5272 for the Uptown Campus and 504-988-5613 for the Downtown Campus.
  2. If they want to collaborate with you but are not currently interested in providing funding for research, then please contact OIPM@tulane.edu.
I want to start a company.

Awesome! Please see our page about Start-ups.

I’ve been asked to consult for a company.

You may consult if it is in agreement with Tulane’s "Policies on Conflicts of Commitment and Interest."  Please consult with Tulane’s General Counsel Office for more information, and please make sure to update your COI form.