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Novel Ceramide Analogs as Treatment for Breast Cancer



Tulane University is actively seeking companies interested in commercializing specialized compounds showing efficacy as potential new treatments for breast cancer. These compounds also potentially prevent breast cancer as well and may be especially potent against chemosensitive and chemoresistant forms of breast cancer.


Provides for the effective prevention and treatment of chemoresistant and chemosensitive forms of breast cancer, as demonstrated in vitro in the cell lines MCF-7, MDA-MB-231, and MCF-7TN-R. These compounds are modified ceramides, which are well tolerated in the human body and metabolize ultimately into prosurvival lipids. Toxicity, therefore, should be low and the compounds should be relatively inexpensive to synthesize.

Current Work

This technology has been tested extensively with promising lab results in vitro. Laboratory work is ongoing to produce more compounds with similar properties and in vivo experiments are in the planning stage.